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Travelling Exhibition 'Indians: The First Brazilians' comes to Natal

Exhibition tells the story of Brazil in view of our first inhabitants, the Indians


The Museu  Câmara Cascudo - UFRN - MCC / UFRN receives from June 10, the exhibition "Indigenous Peoples: The First Brazilians". The exhibition, which is until the 27th of September, is open to all public, Monday to Friday from 09h to 17h and on Saturday from 13h to 17h. The ticket value is R$ 2.00 ( full price), except for groups of public schools with scheduled visits, seniors over 60 and children up to 6 years, who do not pay admission.



The exhibition "Indians: The First Brazilians" offer visitors a walk through the history of Brazil highlighting the different ways in which the Indians were considered and incorporated into the nation-building process. With a focus on the Northeast, it is comprised of four distinct areas - the first encounter, the colonial world (the story that you can read books and documents), the indigenous world (another story) and contemporary Brazil (with their struggles and challenges).

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"Indigenous Peoples: The First Brazilians" aims to encourage a process of effective revaluation of us and them, providing the public with information and images of historical and cultural nature, presenting indigenous as something living and dynamic cultures, especially providing a positive identification with such societies.

"This is a touring exhibition in partnership with the National Museum of UFRJ - MN / UFRJ, and the Department of Anthropology UFRN - DAN / UFRN. The exhibition would be mounted only in August, during the Congress of the Brazilian Association of Anthropology, but because of the World Cup, we decided to anticipate", said director of MCC / UFRN, professor Sonia Othon.

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Dialogue with the exhibition of the National Museum, we show "Indians in Rio Grande do Norte: ethnic self-assertion and contemporaneity". Which has, according to anthropologist and museum curator Jussara Gallardo, is intended to provide the public visitor information that will facilitate the understanding of the contemporary situation of indigenous groups in the state of Rio Grande do Norte "in their ethnic self-recognition processes and their through political struggles of the indigenous movement".

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During the month of the World Cup exposure will have special hours. It will be opened from Tuesday to Saturday, and also on Sundays from 13h to 17h. On the days the Brazilian team will be playing, the museum will not open. We remind  that groups with more than ten people should schedule your visit by calling +55 84 3342-4912.


Exhibition "Indians: The First Brazilian"

Where: Museum Cascudo / UFRN When: June 10 to September 27

Time: Tuesday to Friday from 9h to 17h | Saturday and Sunday, from 13 to 17h

Entrance: R$ 2,00 entire | R$ 1.00 student

Information: +55 84 9193-6294 | +55 84 3342-4912 / +55 84 3342-4903


Museu Câmara Cascudo - UFRN
Avenida Hermes da Fonseca, 1398 - Tirol


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