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Do you know Pinacoteca do Rio Grande do Norte?

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A free option for art lovers is to visit the Espaço Cultural Palácio do Potengi where is located Pinacoteca do Rio Grande do Norte (State art Gallery). There are exposed sculptures, gravures, photographs , maps and paintings. Besides the art, the visitor has the opportunity to visit the building itself that is considered the biggest expression on neoclassical architecture in Natal.

Composed by a reunion of art pieces from local, national and international artists like Volpi, Tarsila do Amaral, Cícero Dias, and many other artists. The Pinacoteca do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte is the place where is located the biggest part of the State’s art collection.

Foto: Facebook Page da Pinacoteca

The building funded in 1873 was transformed by the current governor Alberto Maranhão back in 1902 seat of the state government, staying as a politic life center until 1995. Nowadays the space is an important cultural center, with permanent expositions by the most relevant pieces of art from the collection of Pinacoteca Potiguar.

 Foto: facebook Pinacoteca


In the Museology aspect the Pinacoteca Potiguar has two big highlights : a Budda sculpture from Laos, a rarity from the 12th century, made from Asia. The piece is constructed with lead and covered with gold. It was donated by the Swiss art collector that lived in Natal, Fritz Alain Gegauf.


The Pinacoteca has permanent expositions of art pieces from local artists like Newton Navarro and Dorian Gray, but the tour guide is available only in Brazilian Portuguese. Museum function depends from the daily work of many professional-curators, artists, restorers, art teachers, touristic guides, security guards, etc that compound a team to disseminate culture, by conservating, investigating and giving support of educational and communication activities.






Tuesday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm


Saturday 8 am to 5 pm




Address: Praça 7 de Setembro, SN, Cidade Alta, Natal/RN


ao lado da Assembléia Legislativa


Phone- (84)3231-3498/(84)3211-7056


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