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Vale Encantado: A piece of paradise

 Foto: Facebook do Vale Encantado

Do you want to discover an adventure opportunity that isn’t so far from the capital? Do you want more, want a ecological route to get out of stress and equilibrate your energy in contact with nature? Here’s our tip, visit Vale Encantado do Pium (Pium Enchanted Valley), far from the downtown Natal approximately 12,4 miles. Pium, is considered the main door to the south littoral, it’s a Parnamirim- RN county, and the Vale Encantado is part of the project “Polo Turístico Caminhos do Pium”, from Sebrae- RN.


The access to the valley is by kayaking and rowing boat, by the Pium River, or by a path that borders this river. Located inside a rainforest area, the place offers camping area, vegetarian gastronomy, organic acai and various dishes, massage with açaí’s seeds (foot reflex massage), besides the contact with the nature in a trip that lasts one day.


Massagem nos pés com semente de açaí (Foto: Blog Aventura Mango)

Getting in contact with it’s creators, you can get the option by various touristic packs, that could be only for a few hours, all day or two days and one night (To costumers that wish to camping in this location). The visitor can enjoy geotheraphy sessions (with natural black argil), and can choose to be accompanied by a touristic guide.

Foto: Facebook do Vale Encantado

Text by: Janaina Spinelli/ Translation by : Emilly Lacerda


Doracelis Marques ou Moizaniel da Silva (Tuta)

Phone : (84) 8142 2607 / (84) 9970 5410 / (84) 9136 4646

Email: O endereço de e-mail address está sendo protegido de spambots. Você precisa ativar o JavaScript enabled para vê-lo.


Address: RN-063, lote 23b, CEP: 59164972, Rio Grande do Norte


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