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Enjoy Pium and their Japanese Community


Foto:Jéssica Guerra 

With amazing beaches and a rich colonial past, Pium is definitely one place to visit in Natal. The fair is a dream for many, fascinating all kind of tourists with its colors, smell and diversity of tropical fruits. Between Natal and Parnamirim and Nizia Floresta, the little city is about 20km (12miles) from the capital of the state, has great activities and the quiet time necessary for a good vacation. Pium shows it self as a perfect place to renew the é nervy and relax in a place close to the capital. with a huge line of golden sand, the beach is the perfect place to all of practice sports.


For those who like to keep in touch with the green, the Vale Encantado (Enchanted Valley) is a perfect place to explore the canals between the local plants, walking or rowing. Only 5km (3miles) from Natal, the place is like a refuge where is possible to be in direct touch with the ecosystem, specially the Atlantic Forest. The Vale has an amazing gastronomy, camping area, therapy and other options for activities.

River Park, an aquatic park in Pium, is a place where you will fun without a mistake, with natural swimming pools for kids and grown ups, waterfall, restaurants with local food and much more. 


Japanese Colony 

The imagination started after an agreement between the Japanese and Brazilian during the XX century. Now Brazil host one of the largest Japanese population away from Japan. With the incentive to immigrate from japan caused by the lack of food and the big number of workers in miserable conditions, and the Brazilian need for workers to expand the coffee exportation.

Created in the 50s in Pium, the immigrants chose the city for its fertile land. Gelza and Kemji Matsunae descendants from the community, keep the Japanese tradition alive, receiving visitors to have some tea and see the Orchids nursery with more than 200 species. As a way to live their on culture they also offer workshops with the option to learn more about the Japanese culinary, with scheduled classes. 

Foto: Tribuna do Norte

Gelza has been nursing orchids for the past 12 years in her estate, wining prices in the outside the state. "We work with SEBRAE, on the project Caminhos de Pium (Pium's ways) and the visits are scheduled with at least one week" , says Gelza Matsunae, who also give classes about nurse the plants. The name "Japanese Colony" was given in 1954 after 10 families move to Pium. Today in this area there are many farms, some moderns and others small and familiar with production started when the first families arrived.

The Foreing population in Pium is considerable, not only for Japanese but from people all around the country as well. 



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Text by Oscar Cowley



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da Adm. Francisca Alves de Lima moradora em Pium.

Tribuna do Norte, publicação do dia 1 de setembro de 2013.

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