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With more than 250 miles of beaches and shores from north to south Natal and its close cities can be one of the best places to travel to. But if you want to know about our history and culture there’s two can’t miss places you should visit:

If you want to know about our  culture and history a Fortaleza dos Reis Magos has all of that and one of the most beautiful views. The Fortaleza da Barra do Rio Grande popularly known as Forte dos Reis Magos, was the city starting point, founded in December, 25th,  1599. It received its name because of the date of beginning  of construction, January 6th  1598,  Dia de reis (three wise men day/ 3 king’s day), by the catholic calendar.

Close to the north coast and on the way to Genipabu, the Fortaleza was built by the Portuguese to protect the land from invasions from the French. During the visit, the visitor counts with a touristic –guide who will speak about the details above the fort and city and Rio grande do Norte history.


Foto: Museu Câmara Cascudo

The Museu Câmara Cascudo  (Camara Cascudo Museum) has some of the most important cultural and historical pieces from African-brazilian and indigenous ethnology, sacred art ,folk and sea art. Besides paleontology,malacology, geology, Ciclo da Cana de açúcar e Ciclo do couro(sugar cane cycle and leather cicle), comparative anatomy and arqueology   exhibits. The foreign visitor could count with a “guided visit” through the exhibits with an interpreter and translator, only in English.


Foto: Museu Câmara Cascudo Facebook Page

Foto : Museu Câmara Cascudo



Forte dos Reis Magos
Telephone number: (84) 3202-9006.
Address: Praia do Forte.
Open: Daily - 8h to 16h30
$: R$ 3,00
 Museu Câmara Cascudo
Telephone number: (84) 3342-4914
Address: Av. Hermes da Fonseca, 1398 – Tirol
Open: Tuesday to Friday - 09h to 17h
$:R$ 2,00

Source: Viver Natal Facebook page
            The Museu Câmara Cascudo

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